Wednesday, January 29, 2014

some different creating

every once in a while I like to  pick up my crochet hook and some yarn and create too.

I was a lucky child who had a mom and many aunts who taught me crochet, knit , embroidery and cooking as a young girl. I was one well rounded 9 year old as far as crafts went. I am thankful for their patience in teaching me these skills.

anyway, I started this afghan as a "Christmas" afghan for me. I am using up little scraps of browns, beiges, greens, reds and burgundys. the yarns are all different from fun fur to worsted weight and it is fun to grab a yarn for the next row to see how it looks.
It is just a simple double crochet stitch and sometimes I do two rows of a color and sometimes one. I find the beige and brown rows do better with the double row and the colors a single.
it is a slow long process as I dont always work on it. It is getting to be a bigger size now so it is harder to be a take a long project.
but I still love it............
now where is that yarn basket?


laurajane said...

It's looking good so far.I also learned my skills from my mum who was a dress maker.I have passed on all I know to my girls,one is not interested at all and brings all her repairs to me,the other has out skilled me and is an interior designer .We have to keep passing it on don't we.xx

Julierose said...

This is coming so well--and it is sooo pretty! So you are playing with other scraps, too!! Lol Hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

I learned to crochet in my 30this , wish I had learned to knit too