Sunday, February 2, 2014

an attempt at a tutorial for applique

Here is one of my favorite ways to applique small pieces. I save used dryer sheets. (hey, don't judge until you hear me out)
cut  the shape you desire out of fabric
in this example I will use a heart (feeling all Valentiney this month)

then place the dryer sheet on the RIGHT side of the fabric.
(again, do as I say and you will be just fine)
stitch all the way around the shape
(no spaces left open..... go all the way)

trim your seam and the excess dryer sheet off leaving something like this.
pull the layers apart and cutting ONLY the dryer sheet layer, make a slit so we can turn it
(see the lovely hand model I paid just for your enjoyment?)

make sure the edges are nice and cleanly turned clipping in the curves to make them smooth

after a short while
 (and some non-focused sewing.....ahem .....I AM supposed to be working on my relaxing robin!)
I made these and decided to play......
yes I have WORK to do and I PLAYED!

I get side tracked REAL easy

once you have your applique piece backed, the fun begins. figure out where it will be placed on your background 
see that area where the backing peeks out from under your applique?
right in the seam is where you want to bring that needle up from underneath.
I find that a short needle works best for me to maneuver and get things nice
bring the needle up in the seam

and when you enter the needle back down you kind of go UNDER the applique piece a little.
this will result in no stitches showing on top (for the most part)
and will look like your applique is floating on top

each tiny stitch will pull the backing of the applique under so it is hidden
you dont need to go far in......just enough so you are not on the edge.
you will then take the next stitch through the edge seam and rinse, repeat until you are done with your applique

I dont have a finished picture to show yet as I didnt applique it on yet. I am still deciding.......

do I like the darker pink?

or the lighter fabric that is also in the dresdan?
do I want to use the gray and make a circle
decisions, decisions.

hope this little "tutorial" (and i do use the term loosely) will help for those who are not sure or confidant in the applique process. I use this method a lot and the dryer sheet layer is so thin it doesn't add much bulk. obviously the size of the sheet limits you if you are using a large applique piece. I then just use a muslin fabric the same way, then do a basting stitch around the edges to hold, then trim out the center of the muslin area.



Julierose said...

Oh this is a neat idea--being TOTALLY applique-challenged I appreciate it a lot! When the quilting bug hits me, I will definitely try this one out...thanks, Julierose

Patrica said...

I use those used dryer sheets also as extra stabilizer when I'm machine embroidering. Sometimes I need one more layer and can slip one of those soft sheets in and it's just enough.

Carrie P. said...

great technique. I have used it before too.