Monday, February 10, 2014

how are your relaxin robins coming along?

How are your relaxing robins coming along?
this is obviously an old picture  hee hee
I have added the black border and the center circle and a little embroiderie perse to the center
my problem is trying to figure out the size of the next border so it doesnt look odd
AND so that the next row can be added without too much trouble adjusting size
this is not an easy feat for someone who doesnt do this often..........
I can see where some round robins would get "hung up" because if the person before you left you with an odd size, you would have to fix that before moving on to add your row......
arent you glad WE are doing our own rows? if anything, it will make us better round robin participants if we choose to share this fun with friends........
just  sayin......
my orig square  12 inches (12.5)
black borders 2 (2.5)   making it 16 (16.5)
next row I wanted to make 4 (4.5)      making it 24     but then for my next round, how would I make triangles? hmmmm,,,,,,,,,  if they were 4 inches or 6 inches it would work     but how would it look?
not sure so you will have to stay tuned to find out......I am hoping that the applique portion is not too challenging
there are so many ways to applique depending on the look you are going for.....
heat bond applied and machine stitched
stitches with a backing and either machine or hand stitched (llike my tutorial)
all fun ways to learn and grow......
hope you are having fun with the challenge
I know I am
am trying to think about how big I want the quilt (lap size) and how I will achieve that
maybe I should make the applique row wider?  that means more applique............I think
or do I add a row THEN an appplique row?  hmmmmm
that is the fun part.......deciding what will look best and doing it

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