Monday, February 10, 2014

how hard are these to grow?

Does anyone know how hard hydrangea bushes are to grow? what do they need? I was thinking of maybe adding some to the front of my house. It is southern full sun though. is that good for them?
still trying to find some ideas to spruce up the place and make it "ours" on a budget. I was so happy to get my containers for my gardening ideas at half off. YES! 
so far I have seends for:
lavender to go into a  painted empty metal popcorn tin with our house number on it   front yard
for the patio near the grill '
iceburg lettuce, gourmet greens lettucve,kale
parsley,rosemary,lemon balm,basil and oregano
I figure I will buy the tomato plants already started
and the potatoes in the new trash can I will start
but I am thinking I may want to plant a few perrenials each year until I have the look I want
anyone have any suggestions? what works in your garden?

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