Monday, February 17, 2014

my Christmas box

I still have this in my Christmas box. a stuffed deer that has magnet feet and a matching deer pillowcase
I also have some other pillowcases too (I got carried away last year in making them - they were so much fun and cleared out a lot of yardage)
maybe I will see if a local small nursing home can give them to some residents for a treat

I have about 5 or so of these hand knit dishcloths. all of them are in this blue. I had a HUGE roll of the cotton yarn that I am trying to use up. I think I will start one a different color or a different pattern to change it up a bit. Do you have any of these? I LOVE them! I have a dishwasher........ME
and these are so nice to use. and they last a long time. Mine were getting a little raggedy so the new ones will be nice to add to my collection

I also have a few more chapstick holders. everyone that I gave one to loved them. I am thinking of expanding on the size to make for maybe lipstick or cellphone

some potholders are waiting binding and in the box they will go.........
love the green as it can be "holiday" without being Christmas

this guy is waiting to be quilted and bound for another cat mat
they have a cute collection now
and I love it as I can change out the old one and
throw it in the wash and have a nice clean one down
for my messy eaters  <3

This was 4 squares from a quilt that I stopped making because I messed up the cutting.
remember the dresdans in this color? well, they are supposed to go with these rail blocks. BUT I didnt realize when I was cutting that one of my rulers was 5 inches wide and one was 6.
so I cut these the wrong size!
I had made a little cat quilt for Phoebe out of the other ones many years ago. she uses it all the time.
I figured I will make another smaller one from these
for a kitty to keep warm
maybe the neighbors kitty   we will see  I am seeing easy line quilting on this and done

and I have a few of these too. have given a couple away with all this cold weather so thats ok too
love it when I have a box full of gifts at the ready.........
2014 is starting out as a good year!


Patrica said...

How nice to have a box full of goodies at the ready whenever you need a gift for someone. Keep filling up that box!

Barbara said...

I love this post! Starting with your son, I have a couple sons like that, the oldest just turned 50! How is that possible? Love your Chapstick holders and your cat mats, of course! Great idea to have these things waiting in a box for delightful gifts and new forever homes. :)

Barbara said...

PS...I must have the same dishcloth pattern, love them too!