Wednesday, February 12, 2014

play nice now children

why do I feel like I have children that I have to discipline?
Here is Phoebe........looking RIGHT AT DUNKIN
on the scratchy pad

laying down on it saying THIS IS MINE

and Dunkin crying to Mom because he wants to use it

see? crocodile tears...........KIDS!!!!!

so I try to distract him for a bit. I pull out a UFO that I need to find a backing for

see how cute? I made this many years ago.....forgot even where I got the pattern from.......
but I had this cute basketweave type beige for the hats and picked up the colors in the floral for the bows and hatbands
at one time I was going to make wall hangings for each of the seasons. this was to be Spring

see what I mean??? in TROUBLE AGAIN!!!!!

do they have SCHOOL for CATS????
it would at least give me a few hours of peace LOL

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