Sunday, February 23, 2014


this is the afghan I am making with large knit needles.
and using Homespun yarn bits combined with other yarn to get this look

I had some homespun left over from making all the scarves
and some other yarn left over that was fuzzy
so I knit the two together as if they were one yarn

I liked it so much I kept adding the different colors of Homespun to the next row and I like the ombre appearance it gives

I now need to get a few more skeins of Homespun yarn for the next rows
I will wait for a sale 
any color will work
I am loving it and can't wait to finish it now
it works up really fast with the size 17 needles I am using

yeah, I know. YARN UFOs TOO!

this is a little piece I did one night when I had 5 minutes to get in my sewing fix.
I have a little bucket to the side of my machine and just grab and sew willy nilly
then I trim it to use it
have made cat mats, rug mugs and zippy bags out of these fun little sewing times and it is fun 
it helps me stay focused and in the interim I may get a quick project to finish
I was thinking this green may become "holiday" potholders
we will see what it wants to be

until then, more fabric "starts"   this one in blue. how fun is this fabric at the top?
maybe it will be an ereader cover
cell phone case
makeup bag

the possibilities are endless

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