Thursday, February 6, 2014

why do we have UFO's?

ever wonder WHY we have UFO's?  I KNOW why I do........
I have been knitting some new dishcloths with this blue cotton yarn........

made another warm fuzzy scarf for the Christmas box..........
also started an afghan out of this type of yarn that I have leftover which I didnt take a picture of.
(hey, I don't need to take a picture of ALL the evidence to get me in trouble!)

I surf the internet and print off NEW projects I want to make like this bingo bag.........
then when I say NO- don't start anything new yet.........

I find these babies to play with. 8 inch squares from 15 minutes of playing on the machine
just grabbing scraps willy nilly and then cutting to 8 inches

you think I am are some of them.......

you cant tell they are squares because of the shapes but trust me, there are probably
8 or 10 squares here from my "play"

of course there are scraps from the cutting of the squares that I will resew to something else and trim to 8
it is a sickness I tell you!
YES IT IS!!!!!


and there is no known cure........
I just have to suffer in silence (hee hee)

so then with the hearts..........

yeah, you can guess where this is going right?

I played some more........
did I mention I have a relaxing robin I am supposed to be working on????

I kind of like these.........

and am trying to justify starting ANOTHER project......
I was even thinking of bordering them all in muslin to kind of tone down the fact that they are really scrappy
the hearts seemed to help with that too

what is a gall to do?


  1. Quiltitis,LOL love it,I most definately have that.

    1. its ok. I have even given Quiltitis to my niece. it is catchy

  2. i have two ufo i need to work on bad