Monday, March 10, 2014

creativity runs in the family

my ten year old niece sent these to me
I gave her one of those looms for the rubber bands for Christmas
and this is what she made for me

arent they beautiful? nice bracelets and each one different

so fun and colorful I am loving it

pink is always a good color. everyone looks good in pink

how about this pattern? she is so clever that girl.
wish I knew how to do these. another fun craft to learn

what do you think? I love it!
yeah I know I need a good manicure.
but my bracelet makes me happy
thanks Em!!!!!!


Julierose said...

Amazing work from that loom! So cute--fabric, wool etc bracelets are so "in" now; you'll be right in style, Dawn!! I am going to try to learn to make a crocheted bracelet myself..
.hugs--"no snow today--yay" little poem for the day..hahaha...julierose

barbara woods said...

That is so sweet, she is talanted

Patrica said...

Those bracelets are the nicest I've seen so intricate. I had no idea that hey could be so nice. Don't stop looking for projects on the internet you have too much fabric to use up, how will you use it all?