Sunday, March 9, 2014

inspiration is everywhere

inspiration is everywhere that we look. I love Dunkins "polka dots" hee hee
and the brown and blue combo of his play house

or the colors gray, blue and red together as Phoebe demonstrates. looks good

I found some "low volume" piecing I had done and am thinking I like it instead of a plain background to applique on.
just trying to think ahead to the triangle row but maybe I shouldn't just yet.
maybe I should just concentrate on the row at hand, the now moment
I am thinking the applique should be minimal
since it will be very busy
maybe 4 patch corners
maybe quarter dresdan corners
maybe plain corners with the applique
all possibilities

what inspires you?

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Love that first photo, had to pause and truly get it! In the moment, a good thought, very much Zen. :)