Wednesday, March 5, 2014

magic bullet anyone

does anyone out there have a magic bullet? I am trying to get healthy 
and am looking for some recipes for morning smoothies
see the bags on the left? those are vanilla and chocolate
protein powders my niece gave me

I am thinking though I would like to make mine with fruits and veggies with maybe 
a little protein powder to carry me until lunch

I have mixed berries in my freezer and bananas
and also kale from the garden for a little punch

anyone use this to make healthy smoothies?
would you share your recipes?


Barbara said...

I do this every morning with a blender (after my necessary cup of coffee and slice of toast). One banana, handful of almonds, flax meal, wheat germ (less than a tsp of those two), one prune, one scoop Protein powder, a cup of soy milk, and a splash of orange juice. Keeps me going til lunch!

Barbara said...

PS...That's my basic recipe, and I don't hesitate to add things like you already have on hand if they are in my fridge, little bit of berries, fruits and veggies. I have even added baby carrots. Anything that's good for us, be creative! :)

Patrica said...

You need to tell me how you like that Magic Bullet thing. I make smoothies all the time and you really don't need a recipe to get some thing you like. I just throw in whatever I have on hand usually a handful or more of frozen berries, some banana, protein powder, some soy or almond milk or regular milk, some orange juice if I have some, maybe some nuts maybe some kale whatever you feel like that day and blend it up. Just try to keep the proportions so that you taste the fruit more than the veg in my opinion. I never use a sweetener since I think the fruit does the trick. Barbara's idea of adding a prune is a good one since I don't like those on their own but I know it would be good for me.