Thursday, March 20, 2014

notepad cover and carrier

remember this inspiration? a tablet carrier with place for cards etc?

here is my drawing of it. I decided to cut off the top flap.
I rearranged the inside pieces to fit my needs.
I need something to carry with me to meetings at the Association
so that I can stay organized and have everything handy

So I pieced up some scraps and fiddled to figure out the size 
that I needed 
I am doing a tri-fold kind of thing

then quilted it in lines about an inch or so apart 
I used thin batting and no backing

I then cut a background fabric and made some pockets
for my things
the one on the left will hold 2 pens and some membership cards
the middle my notepad
the right any checks I receive for dues

see? fits perfectly! 

and I added velcro for closures
here is the right side folded in

Here it is all folded and is just waiting for me to add the binding.
A colorful binder that is sure NOT to get lost
and I will have everything handy dandy
when I need it.
Don't you LOVE the internet for inspiration?
I just need someone to make days a little longer so I have
time to sew them all.

and a "selfie"
not a good one but hey, it isn't as easy as these young kids make it look! 
I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks ha ha


Barbara said...

Such a creative project, I need one! Maybe I'll try it! About the selfie, I love it! Pleased to meet you! I am very bad at selfies. ;)

Barb said...

I love your note book cover...and your selfie is just fantastic