Saturday, March 8, 2014

what do I do?

as I sit at the computer with my coffee and mug mat and ponder the day

Do I cut out more pieces for my flying geese?

Do I work on more applique for my relaxing robin?

this tulip is nice
makes me thing Spring!

Do I take Valentines off the door and replace it?

or...........when in Rome do as the Romans do.....

move over Dunkin.......that looks comfy!
 (notice how he lays on Phoebe's quilt AND keeps his nearby? little buggar)
what are you doing today?


Barbara said...

Hoping to do something crafty today, but my two buggers may get my attention instead just like yours. ;) I'm loving your tulip, it would make a wonderful spirit pillow!

Julierose said...

Just relax! Working all week takes its toll for sure! I really love that tulip also--I think it would look great on one of syour dresdans. Pet the kitties from me...hugs, Julierose P.S. going up to see my grandson perform with his string orchestra this afternoon--yay!!