Friday, April 4, 2014

can Spring be far behind?

these are my favs.........and are everywhere in the stores........tempting me with their cheaper sale prices
I dont think they would be good to stuff the eggs for the hunt
I would rather have wrapped choc eggs or wrapped candies for that
but I have not bought any............since the first time.
(ok, I confessed)

BUT I DID find a skein of Homespun on sale for this baby.......
Now I can continue on this project to use up the yarn stash
I like how it is coming out.
It will make a nice warm extra throw on those cold winter nights next year.

with the warmer weather and the rain, I ran outside and sprinkled some of my coffee ground stash into the rose let nature seep it into the roots.
where it will be needed.
hopefully this season they will be as beautiful as they were last year.
we will see............

can Spring be far behind?  eggs, yarn sales and RAIN not SNOW........
hmmmmm, I think we may be close!
hope you are finding Spring where you are


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I was tempted by those eggs today too - but resisted. We are warming slowly, which I actually prefer so the fruit trees don't pop before the bees are out.

Julierose said...

Yummy eggs--OH,"...but not for me.." that tune was playing in my head as I resisted in the store! I got the grandbabes some nice chocolate bunnies--am now looking for two little plush bunnies for the two littlest glad the weather is coming onto Spring---finally!! Hugs, Julierose