Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter time is coming

this is what I did today .......
made 6 Easter baskets for the grandkids.......

didnt they come out good?  most of the contents
are from the dollar store. I was surprised how much I could get there

baskets, clear cellophane, and chocolate bunnies

coloring books, games, kites

fun fun..........
it was gorgeous outside. I should have cleaned up the garden..........
but I wanted to make these up outside so the grass wouldnt be all over the house
or in the cats tummy........dont need THAT bill.........

what did YOU do today?


  1. Last year I did sand buckets for Easter filled with a little candy, and toys. All from the dollar store! Yours are cute.

  2. Really lovely baskets--they will be thrilled I'm sure! Today I went through my closet to purge my "fat" clothes--tomorrow off to Donate them. Partly sunny here--and nice--just a bit of a windchill....

  3. Love the Easter Baskets.Kids are going to love them too.x