Wednesday, April 9, 2014

front garden

under the Japanese maple tree is this baby. I love it. I have one here in the front and one on the side. I want to propagate them and make more of them for the front garden.

File:Euonymus fortunei.JPG

this Eunymous plant is in the front and I want to make more of it as well. I love the color of the two tone leaves. it is so pretty. (this pic is from the internet)

and I found one lonely little hens and chick under the tree. it was under some dead phlox. I love phlox but the ones she had didnt do well there so I pulled them up. I will see if they do better in the back garden.
hoping this little hen and chick will multiply and take over a space in the front for me.
so exciting to see new growth and the potential of it all.

Jovibarba Heuffelii Plant

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