Friday, April 11, 2014

hi ho hi ho........its off to work we go.......

shade garden idea.........

container gardening picture of container garden with passion flower, monkey flower, flowering maple

sun garden idea.........

does anyone else have plants that they love having in the garden?  I want to try and make the back garden a raised bed so you can sit there in the shade. I think that would be fun.
 there is some kind of ground cover in there but it is taking over everything else. I dont want that.
I want the bunches of daffodils in there for the Spring and then some pretty bushes like maybe the bleeding heart for summer color. then I will try and see what can come up every year in the Fall. maybe mums in the front?
I just want it to be an easy care type garden that has a splash of color through the year to enjoy from the screenroom as we will be using that a lot.

caladiums and coleus add nice color too. just need to make sure the colors dont clash.

also have a butterfly bush nearby that I would like to add some butterfly attracting plants around it. not sure what to plant but will research. have to cut it way back so I can get a great showing of flowers this year.

I  think I will have more work than I bargained for in the garden............. LOL

but I will enjoy it......they are so pretty.


Barbara said...

Oooof...a challenging goal, healthy plants and shade! I admire your effort, gardening is not my thing. I'd be happy with whatever takes over! Lol

barbara woods said...

Hard to do every thing and work to

Julierose said...

You inspired me to get outside this afternoon and clean out one small spot near my garage--can't do a lot at any one time with my back probs--BUT it's 68 degrees--yay!! AND my clematis is showing a little growth---fingers crossed that it'll be sending out lots of shoots...have a terrific weekend, hugs, Julierose

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I wished I could get something to grow in the shade or the sun. I love bulbs the best, but we have so many moles in our yard, not many of them make it. We were blessed this year with many Indian Paint Brushes, and some of our bluebonnet seeds finally burst open and bloomed. Hoping for another great crop next year.

Next we should get the wild yarrows. I love anything wild as well.

Maybe the drought won't be so bad this year. My DH watered thoroughly last year, but we still lost our grass.