Monday, April 14, 2014

played in sewing room

I sewed this weekend.
don't get TOO excited. I did NOT work on my relaxing robin.

I played with some 5 inch squares
I cut them in half to make strips
then sewed up a bunch of blue
toned ones
into 3 small lengths
then matched it with some aqua fabric I have had for ages
wanna see?

take one
by the time I set it up and walked away to aim the camera
this is what Dunkin did.......
little buggar

any how
this is kind of what it looks like
I am thinking maybe taking some of the
same kinds of blues and sew some 5 inch 
squares as a border
then figure out how big the aqua needs to be
then a baby quilt
I will have
for a little boy......
maybe for our Fall yard sale in our association
cute, huh?


Barbara said...

Absolutely cute! Also Dunkin, in spite of being mischievous.

Julierose said...

Very very cute, I'll say! That Dunkin is a cutie (bad boy!!)
hugs, Julierose