Sunday, April 6, 2014

relaxing robin progress

this is how I started with an idea

It progressed into framing it in plain black border

then I decided on a center and appliqued embroidery perse style in the middle

I then played with other UFOs and combined the low volume pieceing as the next row

now contemplating the triangles and how to make them fit.......
I like it so far......not sure about the yellows......
may need to replace them with toned down ones
I like the "feel" of the low volume row
I may need to expand on that again later
we will see.........

I am loving the process. it has made me think think think before I do a row.
I usually just sew sew sew and see what happens. this could be a new start for me to slow down and think first
to make the rows easier to add

would a black border here look ok between the triangles and low volume row?
should I take out the gold yellow blocks and put in more lighter tones?
I originally was going for the light side to be against the light row to make it radiate like the sun
but I didnt like it as much
I am afraid a black border would do the same

a light border to match the low volume?
only use some of the triangles in the next row?

so many possibilities........
what would YOU do????

How is your relaxing robin coming along?


Julierose said...

Lovely process post, Dawn--many of the same questions always recur when I am trying to put together blocks. For me, I would leave the yellow spark and perhaps add a yellow border between triangles and squares sections--man it's all a cr*% shoot isn't it? but such fun...hugs, Julierose

Barbara said...

A fun post! If I had to decide, I'd audition the black border by just laying it in place on top, stepping back and seeing how I liked it. I think I'd leave the yellows as picturing it without them leaves something out. But you know, it's all according to what YOU like, not us. Follow your muse!

Alla Blanca said...

I don't think the black border will work. I like at least 2 pops of the yellow--certainly don't take them all out. It's looking really good so far. I'm busy with other things, but keep doing little bitty steps on my RR.

Lin Marsh said...

I like the yellow triangles in there. I agree that you should repeat the yellow in another border tho. Quite nice!
And it's nice that we almost share birthdays!
I am now following you on bloglovin