Tuesday, April 8, 2014

this is what I saw outside

Single Snowdrops

these little darlings are outside near the woods. they are called snowdrops and are so so cute. I think they were moved in error by someone (not even sure if it was me) BUT

I am thinking I would like them in the tree garden where I planted the daffodils. so the next nice day I will plant them in their new home.........

so cute!

this is what I am seeing in the front. along with some other green stuff. I am thinking maybe daffodils, tulips and hiacynths?  we will see once they bloom out. so exciting.......'
tried to clean out the garden a little this past weekend. want to see what is there and expand on it with my take.

I want to make it sort of a perennial garden with maybe some annuals in f ront for color. I tried out my popcorn container for size. it will be perfect. now to just paint it up with my house number and put it in the ground. I want to plant lavendar in it. I think that will look really pretty.

I also want to find my resin bunny. he will make a wonderful garden addition.........

SPRING..........a new beginning.......... ahhhhhh


  1. I love snowdrops,such a lovely delicate flower full of pro ice.X

  2. Well that should say promise ipad loved rearranging words.x

  3. Oh lovely snowdrops (much better than real snow, huh?) .
    I like your idea for the lavender and the resin bunny--your entrance will really look neat!! hugs, Julierose

  4. those snowdrop flowers are very very pretty.

  5. The snowdrops are adorable!