Monday, April 14, 2014

yay these are mine

today this is what I saw when I came home from work
beautiful daffodils

of course I need to clean the garden
but now that I know where these are, after they bloom hopefully I can relocate
further away from the bush in the center
and then fertilize for next year

these guys are in the back garden

this is the side garden and I have no idea what they are
anyone know? weed or flower?

closeup        still not sure

either cat or squirrel or deer have been
digging holes
probably eating bulbs

a clump of something   not sure what????
anyone know?

vinca vine in bloom. so so cute.
lots of leaves but I have not cleaned the garden yet. 
been trying to see what is there

if you can identify anything here to help me out, let me know.
and thanks in advance  :-)

3 comments: said...

Your flowers are lovely. It will be fun to see what the flowers turn out to be.

Vicki H said...

Your unknown is a flower but I can't recall the name of it. I will sleep on it to try to remember.

Lin Marsh said...

The first house we owned, I was so eager to get out and garden in my OWN yard. I carefully cultivated around a green thing. Then found out it was plastic! What a disappointment.