Monday, May 5, 2014

before and after

this was the side garden before I started working on it Sat

this is after. I moved the bunny a little to the left and weeded out some things. 
I have not mulched which I think I will do
but I am pleased with the result so far

here is the little yellow rose that last year had one lonely little flower. I spread some coffee grounds on it
hoping to give it a little boost
it was so pretty

these little violets in purples and whites are EVERYWHERE
I planted them from the side garden into here
hopefully they will take and cover this area
that will look nice under the tree
I need to water them
I also snuck in a couple of grape hyacinths for good measure

anyone know what type of plant this is? next to the daffodil?
I am not sure what this is
some type of bush? 
there are all kinds of things in this back garden that I cant identify yet
I want to make a drawing of what is where so I know where I can plant and cant
I didnt touch much of this garden
I spent the day in the side and front areas and digging dandelions out of the lawn
I think I am gonna buy some of that weed and feed stuff and see how it goes

this is the lilac tree in back. full of these little flower buds
I am so excited
it will be so nice to smell them
they are so so pretty and fragrant

and these are the escapees
in the lawn
near the drainpipe
dandelions (uuughhhhhh)
and those purple white violets
even in the lawn
not sure how I can contain them
will try and get some type of bordering system and keep them under the tree
if I can
but how do you dig up your whole lawn to get 
rid of these?
oh boy, I think I have my work cut out for me


Julierose said...

that "bush" may be a bleeding heart--if it is, you'll soon have the loveliest of little heart-shapes scrolling around. My good friend just dug out 3 for me from her many...can't wait to plant them. they do like dappled shade areas....hugs, julierose

barbara woods said...

I have a Lilac bush in my front year love it said...

Julierose is correct it is a bleeding heart. I was worried the one in our yard would not do well because I transplanted it but it has lovely flowers.