Sunday, May 4, 2014

hi ho hi ho its off to work we go

I bet you are singing the song now......LOL
I know I am.
this is the front garden. I need to get in here and weed it out and figure out what is where
my little Euny bush is crowded with those daffys. I will have to see how to feed them and
when I can move them for next year

this is the left side of that garden. the mound on the left is the beautiful sedum that
turned a pinkish color last year
I would LOVE to make more of them. they were so pretty and easy to care for
the little grape hyacinths are cute too
there is a silvery leaved crawler to the right
not sure what it is but it looks like it may take over.
It may need a new home in the back garden
we will see

this is the side of the house or the front of the screen porch
I put the resin bunny out there. I like him 
there are a couple tulips in back
grape hyacinths
some green stuff LOL
and a yellow rose to the left

this needs to be cleaned out too

there are the cutest little violets all over the place
I am thinking of corralling them all into one spot
maybe under the butterfly bush
or the small maple tree
or both
I like them, but they are creeping out into the lawn
dont want that
I think I will get some of those brick like borders to border those two areas
hopefully it will keep them neat and contained
I am loving the colors though
the purples and yellows and reds
I guess when the previous owner got flowers from her kids
she just put them in a spot.
so some are crowded with the others depending on when she planted them
hopefully with the sun out (SUN? what sun??)
I can get to this task
at least some of it so that I can mulch and have it look decent
dandelions are all over the lawn  :-(
anyone have good recipes for dandelions?
ha ha
heard if you seed the lawn and make it thick the dandelions wont grow


  1. we have them to but hubby cuts 5 acres so we can't afford to treat them all

  2. Your silvery leafed creepy plant is false nettle and it is a creeper/ground cover but you can keep them contained. I love ground cover helps keep the dandelions and other weeds at bay.