Friday, May 9, 2014

I have been busy....

I have been busy.....
making wish bracelets.
 they are made of hemp cord and 7 beads. one
for each day of the week
the folklore story is 
you tie on onto your wrist and make 7 wishes.
 once it falls off ,your wishes will come true
these are for the kids table at the Yard sale.
I made others but gave some away
they are fun and fairly quick to make
biggest "problem" here is wanting to make them in every color of the rainbow
but I have lots of beads so
it may be possible. LOL
some of the colors represent certain things too
like red beads for health
white beads for truth and purity

also made these three kitties. need to revamp faces
I am thinking of circles of muslin
with face drawn on or painted on
we will see
I think I will make them all different
gave away two of the other kitties already (the ones of that kitty fab)
I will play with those faces too and see what I come up with

made a rooster
just because he was in my stash
figured a little kid may like him to play farm with
or to practice "cock-a-doodle-dooing" LOL

these guys just need faces...... I am thinking if I made more of these, in Sept when our sale is,
little kids may be going to school for the first time
how cute to have a somebunny loves you pencil
on your first days of school.
who knows, maybe a school teacher will buy a lot for a classroom
better get crackin huh!

finished up binding this mug rug. I have a few more to do
it really isnt  this crooked. the camera angle isnt so hot at 3 am LOL
neither is the camerawoman!

this runner will be donated

then found little odds and ends like this fingerprint kit that I think
some kids may like
have bubbles too and bunny parachuters and a hula hoop
all fun things for the kids table

Phoebe was wanting to get into my sewing room and find more things to donate
she likes sleeping in there and clearing out a spot wouldn't hurt
ha ha

Dunkin of course was no help. He was eating grass.
hope your day was productive
hopefully I will resume back to quilting very soon
lots planned in that department too!

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Barbara said...

Yes, very busy! Your rooster reminds me of my mini spirit pillows, so fun!