Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I need to know how to care for these

this is my rhododendrun on the side
it is a HUGE bush
must have been here for years
I didnt prune it or anything
I will need to find out how to care for it
the flowers are so pretty

take a closer look
see what I mean?  pretty
and it provides some shade for the screen room
love love love it

this was a pot I wanted to make into a natural mosquito repellant
I planted lemon balm
and lemon basil so far
I saw it somewhere and need to find one more plant or two to add
I cant remember the names of any more so will have to google it
take that mosquitos! this is MY space! LOL

1 comment: said...

We spray for mosquitoes. Doesn't hurt any of the other insects but otherwise you cannot be outside at out place at all.