Friday, May 23, 2014

planting almost done

here is my side garden. I planted the two tomatoes and the pepper plant. 
as you can see my 3 tier idea didnt work with what I had bought
maybe I can get more later of the right stuff
all in all though it is looking good

this is the small red maple that I planted the 
violets under
I will try and get some edging to contain them

side garden  from a distance
I think I need some color in front........
some annuals I think

this is my popcorn tin all painted with the house number
I was going to put lavender
but I think it will be too tall

these are iris that are ready to bloom   
they are tall too
I think I need something of color and low

see what I mean?  everything is tall
and green
I am thinking some pretty pink or red or something

and if you see these hoses.
I got three last fall.
hooked them up this Spring and they all leak
I dont have my receipt so they wont take them back
waste waste waste
live and learn.
gotta buy some hoses now........


Julierose said...

How about some pretty geraniums in your popcorn tin--they are pretty easy to maintain and look neat...have a super Mem Day weekend...hugs, Julierose

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Your gardens all look lovely.

barbara woods said...

looks good but I want buy those hoses , thanks

Patrica said...

Your maple tree is so pretty I love those. All the gardening is going to pay off in another month it will all be filled in and so pretty. Glad for the warning about those hoses why can't things just work the way they are supposed to? said...

Small annuals ore some ground cover for the front. I have creeping phlox which is lovely and colorful.