Friday, May 30, 2014

relaxing robin

I will try and post about the relaxing robin this weekend. sorry for the delay
there are so many great quilts out there being made with this plan
I have had many other duties that are taking up my time.
namely the gardens and the lawn
But, I digress.........
this was my idea for the triangle row
I am thinking more of just top and bottom and then adding 
another black border............
to make it not square

then for my squares row, I was thinking of this. the 9 patch 9 patch
for a 9 inch border
yeah I know.......a bit much
I was thinking of using up more lights and then maybe some dark blues for the darks
It will take me a while to get er done

Then I will add more applique onto that inner light border between the two black borders.
just for fun
it will be a busy quilt
but it is for me
as a lap I am hoping 
and I think I will have succeeded in my journey
to make a quilt
that didnt read "pink and blue"
what do you think?
am I crazy?????
(don't answer that! )

or I could just try and use up more dresdans in an outer border too.
but then it would be a king size and I dont want that!

what would YOU do?

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sunny said...

I think your quilt is going to be very bright and cheery! I'm putting the finishing stitches in my binding today. I'll be away from the computer over the weekend, so will post the final result next week. Thanks for the motivation for getting another quilt finished!! And some stash used up.