Thursday, May 22, 2014

should I make more of these

I am debating whether I should make some of these

for the yard sale
my fear is they are a little fiddly and I am not sure how much we can get 
for them
I hate to give them away

we will see
once I get more yard sale stuff done

so far this is what I have:

free kittens.......about 9 and ten more to sew
felt piggy banks.........about ten cut and ready
twenty to twenty five wish bracelets
then I had other things too:
4 scarves
hula hoop
fingerprint kit
6 bottles bubbles
three dishcloths knitted
at least five pair of pillowcases and two individual ones
some chapstick holder keyrings

we are on our way to a good start
next will be donating some quilt books
I have way more than I need or even look at
time to purge and clean!

1 comment: said...

Cute pad and paper holder. You really are whipping up lots of goodies for your sale.