Monday, May 5, 2014

whats in the woods

these guys are part of the 56 bulbs I planted
you think some are missing????
I know we have a resident woodchuck
and squirrels
and deer
whats in the woods?????
something that is hungry as I am missing quite a few
but I will fill it in with other flowers I guess
some for summer and probably a border to contain it

the previous owner must have had forcythia that they didnt like
these are growing in the edge of the woods
they need a pruning
maybe I will make a border there
to keep out the creepies  LOL
the HUNGRY creepies

and these are a cute ground cover
I think they are called vinca
they are little purple flowers
I need to get the leaves and junk out of there too
just gotta wear gloves
I think I remember some poison ivy last year around here
that is ALL I need!!!!

what are you up to?

1 comment: said...

How pretty love the vinca.