Friday, June 20, 2014

cool blue

I need to find this in the sewing room and find backing

I want to quilt it up with just straight line quilting
following the strips
and get her done and bound
maybe I will feel cooler working on a "cool blue quilt"
Dunkin, where did you hide Mommys quilt?
I am trying to finish up what I have
before starting something else
it is not as easy as it seems
so much wonderful quilty inspiration out there
 what are you working on?

1 comment:

Julierose said...

Oh it's tough finishing up and not getting sucked into "new and neat" stuff you see in blogland! I totally agree. I am still stringing along on paper and loving it. Really mindless (just like me lately!! haha) and fun--I often find my mind wandering over my past life and wondering how it all went by so fast....hugs and have a terrific weekend...may quilting be in your days...hugs, Julierose