Friday, June 6, 2014

one banana two banana three banana four..........

this is looking out from my screenporch
I love this view when I sip tea on a Saturday
doing some handstitching

and to the right is the gardens and the shed
why did I leave the shed door open?
so you could see all my junk LOL

here is my tomato plant in its container
what is that little round thing I see?
could it be?

oh yes! a tomato! so cute and round
grow big and juicy my little one
I am so excited
(I know, it doesn't take much, does it?)

and hubs acid free tomato has some flowers starting too
yeah!  success hopefully 

some peppers
not sure if you can see
but there are banana peels on the soil

one banana two banana three banana four.
that will provide some potassium to the containers
and hopefully make nice big peppers to stuff
how is your garden growing?


Julierose said...

Lovely view of your in-bloom rhodie from your porch!! All my blossoms except one--way down low and in back where you cannot see it from my deck!!aaargh) were eaten by my bad boy deer!! I got some onion sets today and planted them around the bushes and my few beds....and I found--oh joy--a petite hibiscus--those babies are usually very expensivo, but this small one was only $7.99--I don't know what color it'll be as it was put on the For Sale-As Is table--hope it'll bloom. read that they don't like temps below 55--so I have it inside for now...hugs--have a super weekend...enjoy your porch...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

never heard of that, will have to try it