Thursday, June 19, 2014

plenty of relaxing going on

these are some of the relaxing robins so you can see them all in one place.
this one is from rainbows bunnies and cupcakes.
love love love the pieced kitties. and it is made of flannels
great job!

this one is  from vroomans quilts
I love the way she carried the squares out to the edge. and the colors are nice too!
pretty pretty

this one ended up as a baby quilt! so so cute with the bunnies hopping and the picket fence!
quilting dreams made this beauty

this was my inspiration that I found on the internet for my squares row.
I know
I always liked to THINK BIG
even in Home Ec in school
(anyone remember Home Ec?)
the class made pillows
I made my first quilt
at 13
that's how this all got started
I read in history books that girls by 13 were supposed to have made at least one 
quilt for their hope chest
it is probably somewhere at my Dads house.
All squares, all polyester, tied with yarn.
it was "famous"
at our 8th grade fashion show it was the backdrop
and it earned me the Home Ec student of the Year award!
but I digress........

and try to push the cats off this one long enough for me to finish some more squares.
love my cats
love my relaxing robin
love my new relaxing robin quilt friends
love my blog friends
Hope you are "relaxing" in your sewing room

It is going to be a scorcher here today..........
its 4 am and already nasty muggy
glad for air conditioning at work
at home, the fans will have to do for now


sunny said...

Wow -thanks for putting them all together! Isn't it fun to see how differently the same instructions can be interpreted? This was a fun project, and I was able to use up some of my stash. Thanks for letting me play along.

Lynne said...

I was so excited about this challenge -- and then I moved house! I am just about to pull my block (with it's first border) from my UFO pile and see what I want to do next -- "better late than never", as the saying goes! Thanks, Dawn, I hope you run this challenge again next year! I have plenty of orphans that need help! ;-)