Sunday, June 29, 2014

procrastinate much?

warning: this post is picture HEAVY

these were started as fun mindless sewing.......
not sure how many I ended up with ......I want to say 8 or something
I love them
and need to make more and make a top

this is a purse in the works.I lost the pretty button in the move
so production on it stalled
gotta finish it up

this was supposed to be for a cancer quilt
but we moved and it never got finished
needs a back and quilting

this was a blue and yellow block of the month
gotta put them into a flimsy and get er done

noticing any pattern around here?
am I am Aries or what?  (great starter....not so great FINISHER LOL)
love these. they are all sewn by hand. was a lunch time project at a job many years ago
I was teaching a gal to quilt-she had no sewing machine-so we hand stitched
I think it would make a cool border on a scrappy quilt
they are 5 inch squares

just gotta straight-line quilt this one and bind

gotta find a back and quilt and bind- nice runner

an experiment with a paisley type print
gotta find it in the stash and finish this one up

baby colors dresdan
Did I say I LOVE dresdans?
I think I have 6 of these

this is just scrappy no thinking quilting and then cut into squares 
the same size
have enough to make a flimsy for a nice lap

have FIVE of these.......yep I said it 
was gonna be one for each of my nieces
just gotta quilt em up

a work still in progress
kind of a round robin type experiment

gotta find a turquoise backing and get this one quilted for ME

a winter hand quilt project. love me some dresdans

this was an eye spy
yeah, couldnt find the border which was an alphabet
kind of print
then she grew up and is now 11
has it been that long?
gotta get er done!

want this to be a quilted bathroom curtain
this is on the agenda for the Fall
then I can bring all those colors into the bathroom
I have the seagreen in there now
the red or wine-red I think I have a shower curtain too
orange would make a bright morning

duck duck GOOSE.........
gotta get the squares done and put em together into something
I think the problem here is some ducks face left
some face right
and I couldnt find a way to put them
in a quilt that would make sense
maybe they need to be something else?

and a bright beach bag. gotta find a lining fabric and get er sewn up

You think I have enough projects to keep me busy?



sunny said...

Wow! You need to choose one or two and get them finished! I think you have more starts than me, and that's a lot! Want to do a private challenge for the next couple of months?? said...

Oh you don't have that many projects....LOL