Wednesday, June 4, 2014

things were looking good and then

this is how the yard was looking.....before last Friday 
the red maple looking good
the rhododendron all in bloom  

I was mowing and trimming and planting and making sure it all looked nice

even the butterfly bush that I trimmed like Edward Scissorhand came back
nice and full

and then THIS............. from here doesnt look too bad you say?

lets get closer.... see that tree to the left? it is in the MIDDLE of the back garden
yeah  there is a garden under that pile of wood
with bushes and plants of all kinds

see?  they just toppled them there and left it

a view from below.......looking toward neighbors house

this is growing in the back. poison ivy....
yeah mostly what is left of my garden 
boo hoo.........

these are the huge stumps
they dont look big you say?

here is a SMALLER one
with my foot as a guide to the size
little by little they have been taking them away
but what a huge mess for this year.
oh well, guess I may never TRULY know what is in that garden


barbara woods said...

it does look good , we had a tree down earlier but hubby cut it up and gave it away

Julierose said...

Kind of like "Chef's Surprise"--Garden surprise! Don't pull ANYthing out until you know it's a weed---I STILL canNOT believe they'd do that to your space!! Aaaargh hugs, Julierose P.S. Mailed out your clematis cuttings today....;-)))

Patrica said...

Oh my goodness, I certainly sympathize with you as I've experienced the complete destruction that tree felling can create. I detest poison ivy and all her relations and run screaming whenever I see her so you should beware as well. On another note the rest of the yard looks lovely!