Friday, July 4, 2014

a loose version of a tutorial

remember these? I got some scraps and sewed them

I made two such strips using them. 

I ironed them flat and trimmed them up
just to a rectangle shape
I was not fussy with size or making them the same.
they are close enough

I then took one and made a cut from top right to bottom left corner

the next one I cut  from top left to bottom right corner  
opposite of the first one

as you can see I didnt plan or the colors wouldnt have been the same at the top
I took one of each "kind" and sewed them together

to make this shape


I found a backing fabric
this was an old panel I have been wanting to use
it has Fall colors so I think it will work

I roughly cut a leaf shape out of the sewn pieces

cut a back and batting the same shape

I quilted the leaf shape with veins

here is the back.

Now this potholder is ready for binding and a loop
I love it for making something out of nothing

dont you just LOVE scraps????

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