Sunday, July 20, 2014

anyone busy next weekend?

had to say it.
like the commercial when the guy is moving and everyone is "sick" and cant help
I got some Deck Correct this past weekend
it was on sale
supposed to be good for wood and concrete
and fills in gaps so no splinters etc

got this cedar kind of color
one gallon
probably too much for my step area but rather have extra than not enough
I will have to sand and prep these guys

so I can make it look nice and pretty
the sides lattice look like they were never done at all
but I want to give them two good coats
in cooler weather
then if I like this stuff I may try it on the concrete area in gray
and see how that looks
little by little we will spiff up the place
takes a lot of elbow grease
good thing I have some left! LOL
so, what are YOU doing next weekend?


Charlene S said...

Sorry, I am fresh out of elbow grease. Next weekend we will be in New Orleans. Maybe you could join us! Have fun using up your elbow grease.

Patrica said...

Do let us know how this stuff works. I've been eying it for my deck and I'd like an honest opinion. said...

Hmmm so many choices. I could pull more weeds, I could clean my mudroom where the long arm is since there is mud all over the floor. Oh I remember Dh is supposed to borrow the power washer to do the front porch that hasn't been done in a bazillion years! I am envious yours is looking so much better than mine.