Thursday, July 17, 2014

inspiration from the internet

isn't the internet a fun way to connect?
I mean really.
when I first started quilting it was hand stitching with a cardboard template and scissors
(Am I dating myself?)
now with the new tools and the inspiration from the internet we can play more.
for example:
people making doll quilts for the Mrs Claus project inspired me to take those 4 pinwheels and
turn them into a doll quilt for a little one

a panel challenge inspired me to use this panel that I had lying around
(and good thing as I have a bag of panels that
were gifted to me)
I used the back for the potholder leaf 
and then cut more pieces out of it

I have always loved "dump sewing" or mindless sewing for 
fifteen minutes a day to get my "fix" of quilting
when I am stressed I reach into the scraps and just pick a scrap and sew
then cut it off and sew to another
until I have a new piece of fabric.
so much fun and so relaxing
and a great way to be frugal and use up those pieces

of course string piecing has been around everywhere too
I took that one step further to mimic my leaf veins
by cutting them at angles and resewing together

and Missouri Star quilting has SO many ideas.
gotta stay away or I will be overwhelmed with MORE UFOs 
so many ideas here to add to the "quilt bucket list" of what I
want to make
and this kite template is no exception
too much fun should not be allowed!

and making do with what you have is a very old fashioned idea
that I have always embraced
having come from a family of 5 children who lived
on a farm we always took something
and made it useful or into something else
it is part of my creative nature I think too!

and of course I was inspired for my relaxing robin with the 
9 patch 9 patch that I saw

and I LOVE it ..........
isnt quilting with the internet wonderful?
you get to have a quilting bee with friends
and have show and tells about your projects
and share ideas and solutions to problems
and heck, even exchange scraps

I love my quilting friends!

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