Sunday, July 27, 2014

remembering Mom

when I walked around the garden today to see what needs to be watered, weeded etc this is what I saw.
Is BIGFOOT for real?
Judge for yourself
I think that the area cat named Charlie has BIG feet AND likes to use my garden as a potty
just sayin............

even though the deer ate my petunias they seem to have made a good comeback which is nice
Hi Gram!  my Gram LOVED petunias. I planted these for her
my sedum is looking nice and should be pretty this Fall by
the looks of the number of blossoms coming

these guys are still blooming. I need to deadhead some more and trim.
maybe try and make some cuttings from the trimmings
you can see our expensive ac system in the background

but look! remember those things I said didnt look like weeds?  good thing I didnt pull them up
Its Mom
saying HI
and man it looks like she is waving madly
look at all those buds and flowers
love you Mom
and miss you

close up of these pretties......

I guess she is happy we are thinking of her......

2 comments: said...

Oh your flower beds are beautiful. Mine I have given up trying to keep up with the weeds. I walk by and pull a minute or two but it is definitely a losing battle.

Julierose said...

Loving those lilies..great color! Happy memory-making garden you have made... enjoy your Sunday...hugs, Julierose