Thursday, July 17, 2014

squares are so versatile

this is a UFO I need to find and quilt up
I want to hang all the flimsys on hangers in the closet
so they are ready to go
this was made to be a mans lap quilt for a nursing home donation

this was made using a scrap of squares sewn together.
some Mom and baby will enjoy the way it protects
clothing from food and such

this of course has a ton of little and larger squares in it
the little ones I love
I am just trying to keep a lot of color and 
movement in there so it is the same all the way around

and someday this will be a tote bag
I am hoping sooner than later
I have two of these cut
I need to find coordinates in my stash for lining and handles
that is what stopped me from finishing them

it is sometimes fun to be square

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