Saturday, July 19, 2014


strips can make nice quilts too
Dunkin seems to like this one which is Phoebes
isn't he a photogenic kitty?

and this one which is his
all winter long you can find them both snuggled on the couch
with their quilts

this guy used some squares and strips just sewn on to make fabric
he started out as a bag and finished as a small doll quilt
I am hoping his new owner will think he is cute
anyway he is DONE

strips of red white and blue had me surrounding these ducks
but again, this project stalled because of the direction of the ducks
I had no more of them and could not make them
seem to go the right way in the quilt
so one already became a potholder
I may make a cat mat for the kitties
we will see what the rest of these become

I love this quilt
not sure of the pattern name but it was easy
a local farm had a quilt day type thing where
she gave you directions to cut strips
then on that day we sewed and recut and sewed them 
into this
I think it is basket weave or something like that
I remember making this with a friend
we both used some of the same fabrics and they came 
out so different
I had the blue in there with some pink
she had more browns and Fall colors
I loved playing and made a funky border with the rest of my strips and units
I just need to find a back and quilt it up for me
I had wanted turquoise but may rethink that
done is good............

more strips
this was to be a bag
I am not sure if this is still in the pile or if it got made into 
mug rugs one Christmas
will have to see
the strips of the horses just had their behinds
no heads! LOL
I am liking the tote bags I see all over and they are so useful
this would be pretty to take for groceries
maybe make that chore a little more fun to do!

as you can see I like to just de-stress and grab strips and sew
it is fun to see how the different fabrics play against the others
I probably should see if these can all be trimmed to make
a railroad quilt or coin quilt
there would be a lot of variety for sure

this was a challenge that our little sewing group had started
I had made 5 ducks that started out as a baby quilt
the theme of the baby room got changed so there they sat
we used to have 5 ladies that quilted at my sisters once a week
so I created a challenge
we were to all start with a duck and add to it and pass it on round robin style
well it was fine until one lady lost hers so then everyone else 
kind of lost interest.
we wanted to see how different they would all become at the end
so I took this one which had the geese
and the one row of blue
added a deeper blue row (I was thinking water)
and then added the piano keys to bring in some color to mimic the geese
I think it sits somewhere with some applique in progress
if I remember some cat o nine tails
if I find this I want to work on finishing it at least to flimsy stage

and Taz looks cute with these blocks
but the size challenge I wasn't thrilled with
I love these squares by themselves and need to find them and add more squares
the original inspiration for these had a wide applique row on the outside border
I loved the way they had motion

I guess I get on a "kick" and cant stop
kind of like potato chips
bet cha cant make just one!


Charlene S said...

Quite a variety of tops. I especially love Taz.

Julierose said...

Lovin' those strips--I really like rectangles and strips--tho' have yet to use them as, you do have a lotta projects--well, not boring, right...hugs, Julierose

sewyouquilt2 said...

thanks. I love Taz too. he is my fav

sewyouquilt2 said...

yes I DO have a lot of projects and have to get em done!