Monday, July 14, 2014

what do I do with this scrap?

what do you do with a panel that has been cut into?
I used part of it for the back of the leaf potholder

where is that kite template?  yeah, BIG kites
lets see what I can cut out of it

enough for some little kites too
I cut and cut like Edward Scissorhand

until I had big kites and little kites to play with

and pulled more scraps and cut them too

even had extras for another scrappy one later

and then played with the layout
Oh boy! I am in trouble
and I had better hide this kite template

I have too many things already started to be
spending time playing with these
I like the look of the large on the back and the smaller one in the middle
we will see how this will progress 
on another day to play.......
Sunny! HELP!!!!


Julierose said...

It is fun to play with those medallion pieces. I like the idea of just one other fabric against them...hugs, Julierose

sunny said...

Step away from the kite template. Better yet, send it to me, and I'll hold it for you for awhile. I want to see that Relaxing Robin quilt finished by the end of this month. UFO! UFO!! UFO!!!