Friday, November 28, 2014

anyone working this black Friday?

breakfast, check

hair done.... check

yeah Dunkin I will see you later sweetie pie.......Mamas gotta work

to make a little of this...........

down the stairs I go...........

into my sweet chariot............

so sad..........its ok Dunkin........
Mama will be home soon..........
gotta pack up my desk so next week I can start earlier........
maybe I will be home earlier........we will see


  1. Oh being out black Friday sucks. I was so surprised to see the Walmart parking lot full last night as I was driving home. It is kind of sad to see how commercialized our holiday season has become.

  2. LOve love love that hairdo! I envy you your curly locks--my hair is super douper fine and straight! Except for the bangs--which I want straight and they, of course WAVE (bye-bye!! lol). Ugh!! Well if I get a really good cut with TONS of layers fit looks pretty good--so I'm not doing perms anymore...Oh you have to work??? Well, the weekend is upon us, so I hope you can get home and relax a bit....hugs, Julierose

  3. Love your hair, hate you had to work

  4. LOL! I'm currently unemployed, so the only work I did today was in the sewing room. But I got a lot done!

  5. We don't have Thanksgiving or Black Friday in Australia so it was just a normal working day yesterday -- except for my hubby who has every fourth Friday off!
    I guess all the retail staff were also hard at work for the sales on Friday!