Monday, November 24, 2014

do you have different hobbies too?

I love to quilt and I love to knit..............

and crochet..........

and do thread crochet

and sew...........sorry for the blur   gotta try and make some of these teacup zip pouches
for some friends in the park. they take their teabags with them to play cards
and this would be handy to bring them in

I like to craft with salt dough too........
I need to make some ornaments soon!

before more of this flies from the sky

knit  last year out of some pretty yarn

and gifted for warmth
love that I have lots of hobbies to keep this crazy mind busy!


  1. I never had anyone that could really show me how to do that stuff so I had to learn on my own. Which may be the reason why I knit so slow.

  2. Primarily I'm a knitter though, to read my blog, you wouldn't think so! I can crochet but rarely do. I've also had periods in my life focused on scrap booking, decoupage, painting, embroidery...