Wednesday, November 12, 2014

one stocking almost done

the green stocking was lined with muslin.......

this is what I used for the back    a printed green

and this is the front.......the bottom is not that small. it is the angle of the camera
the dimensions are more like the first picture..
all I need now is to embroider an initial in maybe white
and add a hanging loop and fill.

this one is for the on to the blue one for my niece.......
got her some nail stuff I saw on sale for hers. am thinking I need to knit a hat for his
maybe some socks  and I am known for candycane sticks with a toothbrush in there too.
we will see how I go with that.......


  1. love it .I think we are to old to hang stocking.
    Are they for the cats or grand kids?

  2. I love your stocking; it reminds me of how when I was a little girl and our rule was that you always opened the stocking gifts first--and all those cute little special gifts came pouring out. I used to spend hours shopping for stocking gifts for my two children--it was fun. Hugs, Julierose

  3. You are so generous in your gift-giving (and making)!