Sunday, November 16, 2014

playing in the scraps again...

what do you do when you have half hour to kill?
play in the scrap bin of course.........
this could turn into a cute needlebook for someone.....

and a matching pincushion...........

what do you think Dunk?

yeah Mom a HEART sharped pincushion...........

you are so funny Dunkin. yes it DOES kind of look like a heart....
I think that is what it wants to be........

one heart pincushion almost done and a start on a matching needlebook.
yep, Christmas is starting to shape up around here.......
what are YOU making out of your scraps????
I am thinking these two things will become part of my 12 days of Christmas.
those of you who read my blog may remember last Christmas our first one in our home, 
I did the 12 days of Christmas with the next door neighbor for fun.  She is alone and her daughter lives in another state. She was kind of sad that they were not going to make it out here for the holidays.
so on the 1st day (Dec 1) I gave her a can of pears (partridge in a pear tree and the birds flew south)
Day 2 was turtle candy and dove candy (2 turtle doves)
day 3 chicken soup (3 french hens)
day 4 a notepad and pen. (calling birds used up their minutes and left a notepad)
day 5 can pineapple rings (golden rings)
day 6 was candy eggs (geese a laying)
day 7 was a teeny crochet bathing suit  (swans a swimming)
8 milkduds  (maids a milking)
9 slippers (ladies dancing...tired feet)
10 starburst (lords a leaping into the stars
11 earplugs (pipers piping)
12 pillowcase (more noise drummers drumming so went to bed)
I made up a poem to explain each one as she opened it was on the top. hubs and I had fun getting it ready!
(she thought he was going to go out on the lawn in tights for lords a leaping! LOL)

it was fun and she looked forward to Dec 1-12th to see what the next day was.
I will do a different approach this time with another friend. 12 pins and needles
9 little buttons etc.
it will be fun to see what I can come up with.
I have a few done but dont want to spoil it. she may be peeking!

have fun creating out of your fabric and scraps......


  1. What a wonderful neighbour you are. Very inventive little gifts too. Do enjoy the next one you do, as I'm sure the recipient will have oodles of pleasure in your little game.

  2. Such creative gifts for your neighbor! She must have been thrilled! Your little Crazy Heart pincushion is so sweet...hugs, Julierose

  3. i need to do that and make some fabric

  4. What a wonderful set of ideas! Your little pincushion is turning out very cute.

  5. I haven't been playing with my scraps, I've been cutting and ironing and sorting and storing -- now it's time for some sewing (except its 4:30am) and I really should go back to bed; the alarm will go off at 7:00am and I have a very full day ahead!

    Your neighbour must have been very grateful for your kindness last year. Are you going to do something nice for her this year too?