Wednesday, November 19, 2014

watching and waiting......

around here I am watching...........

this tree still had its leaves......and they will soon be
all over the yard and blowing in the neighbors yards

and waiting..........
they need to fall so I can rake them up.......

Dunkin, did they fall yet?

dont worry Mom......zzzzzzzzzzz
you have time  zzzzzzzzzzz
I am getting very sleepy waiting........

watching and waiting......those trees are FULL of leaves
and I have already taken FOUR wheelbarrows full
away! I kid you not! looks like I have not touched it


  1. We had rain after the leaves fell, they blew away. Then we had snow so they are staying where they are unless there is a heatwave.

  2. Our stormy night blew most of ours down...DH still not well enough to be blowin' leaves; soooo, guess I'll have to put on my tool belt and get to it!! LOL hugs, Julierose

  3. ours are not on the ground yet either, Tommy will wait till they are and get them with the john deer

  4. Our new home is surrounded by eucalypts (Australian native evergreen trees) that lose their leaves all year round so we find it hard to keep the place looking tidy!