Friday, December 5, 2014


blue is a favorite color of mine
can you tell?
will have to pull more of it and get more UFOs done

some possibilities to border with blue

why cant I just stay home and play in my scraps?

I think I will bring in some goodies
for the truck drivers
that may go over ok.........
one gets hungry hauling sand and gravel


  1. Yep sitting in a truck or a bus and driving is hard work. :D I like your blues. In fact I think I have some of that one on the bottom from years ago....

  2. I think you should send out one of those trucks to a fabric store; have them load'er up (it wouldn't weigh all that much either!) and then bring it to your house and deliver so you can PLAY!! LOL . Weekend is upon us--so you can play in the fabric then a lot...hugs, Julierose ;--)))

  3. maybe you can play all weekend, that's what i hope to do

  4. It's amazing how work gets in the way of our hobbies!