Saturday, December 6, 2014

money and new beginnings

I need more of this like everyone these days.........

and need to get back on track........
feeling very fat and unhealthy these days.......

I will find an old photo and send it off to the person in the picture
with a note 
to remind them of the time
it was taken
reliving memories with people we may or 
may not have kept in touch with
yeah I need to reach out.,...........


  1. I have been very off track too and have decided to start back in the New Year and just try (hah!) to take it easy until then. It's so hard this time of year with all the cooking and backing and get-togethers--I did it last year so I am relaxing a bit for this one! My hubster is VERY HAPPY to hear this lol hugs, Julierose

  2. waiting until the new year so maybe i will stick with it

  3. Moe than the recipes, I need the flex and, especially, the core plans!