Friday, December 12, 2014

this is what a healing broken wrist looks like.....

this is hubs hand without the cast............
he wanted me to post it.    ughhhhh............

his skin is so dry and scaly and ugly

but he will hopefully be all healed soon
and back to normal

now for the at home therapy to move it a little each day
and not break it again!
just a little distraction because
everyone KNOWS the month of December is not busy enough!


  1. DH broke his wrist at work just a few months after we met. They kept insisting it wasn't broken, but if you cannot use it without a ton of pain...after almost 2 years and surgery they finally fixed it. Oh did I mention he had to continue to work as a heavy mechanic the whole time? Hope your hubby's wrist is feeling better, and the alligator skin will soon slough off.

  2. It will surprisingly return quickly - some soaking and lotion does the trick. And just the therapy movement will help with the healing.

  3. that does not look like fun at all! Good luck for Hubster with healing...and you with helping..TGIF huh?? hugs, Julierose