Wednesday, December 10, 2014

tough time of year

One of my Dad's sisters passed away and we said our goodbyes. She was 94 and a funny Aunt. She worked hard all her life on the farm and started a farm stand that is very successful today. Her sons and grandsons run it now. Rest in peace Tia Evelyn........until we meet again

Out of ten children, my Dad and his other sister from NH are the only ones left. It is sad to see them go one by one. Seeing my Aunt from NH was sad too. Her health has failed so much since I last saw her. It made my Dad sad too knowing he will probably be the last one. He is 82 and so far healthy. He can run circles around me that is for sure. He has always kept busy and does stuff like chop wood and other physical activities that keep him healthy. God bless him.

It is so difficult at this time of year especially to lose family and friends. Last year Dec 10 my husband lost his Mom. it has made the Christmas season a little more somber for sure.

So this season, when someone calls to see you or go out and get a coffee to catch up etc, make the time to say yes. You never know what tomorrow will bring........


  1. Losing someone so close to Christmas always seems so much more tragic! My condolences to your family.

  2. My condolences. We have been suffering from the same affliction. My grandmother died 2 years ago and since then 3 of her brothers and a sister. My mom was very close to them all and it has been tough on her lately. Add to it a cousin about the same age as my mom, who was her partner in crime and it has been a very tough time the past couple of months.

  3. Oh Dawn, So very sorry to hear of your loss; I can only wish that your memories will warm your heart this Christmas despite the sadness of loss. Mom and I are the only ones left in our whole family; it is daunting to face that fact. I hope you can find some solace this holiday with your grandchildren and family members. hugs Julierose

  4. we lost my dad at Christmas and buried him Christmas eve , was tough